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The right to authorship includes the following criteria. All the authors of the publication must certainly fulfill these conditions.


1. Making important contributions to the formation, design, data collection and processing, analysis, or interpretation of the work idea,

2. To be able to give approval for the work ready to be published,
3. To acknowledge that the aforementioned study has been investigated, discussed, and concluded in accordance with scientific and ethical rules, so that he/she is entirely responsible for it.

• The names of the authors fulfilling the 3 criteria above must be stated in suitable order. Authors who do not meet all of the conditions can be specified under the heading “Thanks” in the end of the article.
• The responsible author should provide data and additional information, if necessary, after publication of the work The terms set forth herein have been arranged in accordance with the guidelines of the Council of Science Editors (CSE) and
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). (, For further details please see: http://





CONCEPTION To construct an idea or hypothesis for research and/or manuscript DESIGN To design and plan the method to achieve the results SUPERVISION To organize the execution of the study, observe the progress and take responsibility FUNDINGS To provide personnel, space, financial resources and equipment necessary for the work MATERIALS To take responsibility for biological materials and referred patients.




To take responsibility for matters such as followup of patients, collection of relevant biological materials, regulation and reporting of data, etc.






To take responsibility for the evaluation and conclusion of findings.






To take responsibility for literature review WRITING To take responsibility for the writing of the entire work or its noticable parts CRITICAL REVIEW To re-evaluate the study in the scientific sense, regardless of language and literary corrections, prior to the delivery of the manuscript. 



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