Please check the following table and make sure about the limits of your manuscript before submitting a manuscript:

It is recommended to gather the following information before submitting a manuscript:

  • All authors first name, middle initial, and last name (no academic title and special character), institutional address, 
  • First name, middle initial, and last name (no academic title and special character) E-mail address and phone number of the corresponding author.
  • Updated and available public ORCID IDs of all authors with institution information
  • Cover letter
  • The full title of the manuscript 
  • Abstract and graphical abstract (colored if any)
  • Manuscript (all pages must be numbered consecutively)
  • Figures (colored) and tables (with all borders)
  • Contact information (name, e-mail address, and institutional postal address) for suggested and/or excluded reviewers (if any)
  • Copyright Transfer Form
  • Author Contribution Form
  • Article Processing Charge

Payment method: Bank Transfer

Account holder name: AVES Yayıncılık Ltd. Şti.

Bank name: Halkbank/Gayrettepe

IBAN: TR19 0001 2009 8500 0053 8709 64

If any problem occurs while submitting your article, please contact us through e-mail (




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