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Supportive Family Environments can Improve Treatment Compliance, Social Cognition, Brain Activity in Patients with Schizophrenia – A Pilot Study

Peiwei Shan, Gongying Li, Deguo Jiang, Ce Chen, Lina Wang, Hongjun Tian, Ranli Li, Xiaoyan Ma, Min Chen, Xiaodong Lin, Chuanjun Zhuo, Jianjing Zhang


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200222125300


Investigating the eNOS and IFN-γ Gene Variants Susceptible to Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia in a Turkish Cohort


Sacide Pehlivan, Hasan Mervan Aytac, Hayriye Senturk Ciftci, Yasemin Oyaci, Mustafa Pehlivan, Ayse Feyda Nursal


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200807083153

Comparing Korean Immigrant Mothers’ and Fathers’ Perceptions of Their Child’s Behavioral Strengths and Difficulties


Boram Lee


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200810083434

Psychoeducation Can Ameliorate Somatic and Manic Symptomatology in Youth at High-Risk for Bipolar Disorder: A Randomized-Controlled Study


Mert Besenek


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200813064017

Cognitive Improvements from Adjunct Therapy with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation are Short-Lived In Patients with Remitted Bipolar Disorder

Ying Wang, Chuanxin Liu, Tao Fang, Xiaodong Lin, Deguo Jiang, Jingjing Zhu, Chunjun Zhuo, Jiaen Ye


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200221124442

Is there a relationship between adult ADHD and bipolar symptoms? A cross-sectional study with primary care applicants in Ankara, Turkey


Irem Ekmekci Ertek, Mustafa Necmi Ilhan, Asiye Ugras Dikmen, Melih Gozukara


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200714114339

Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Opioid Abusers


Emrah Karadere, Tayfun Sahin, Ebru Cobanoglu, Veysi Yildiz



High doses of second-generation long-acting antipsychotics in the treatment of patients with severe resistant schizophrenia. A six-year mirror-image study


Juan J. Fernández-Miranda, Silvia Díaz-Fernández, Francisco López-Muñoz



Temperament and Character Dimensions of Personality in Individuals with Online Gambling Disorder in a High School Student Sample from Turkey


Mehmet Dinc, Halil Eksi, Osman Tolga Aricak


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20201023074204

Wallerian Degeneration of the Bilateral Middle Cerebella Peduncles Secondary to Unilateral Pontine Hemorrhage


Dawei Chen, Jin Shi


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200907082126

When Do Psychiatric Patients Get Better? Timeline and Implications of Clinical Response to Treatment in Serious Mental Illness


Radu Mihai Paun, Alexandru Neculai Pavel, Matei Petre Valentin


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200917051316

Self- and Parent-Rated Quality of Life in School Aged Children with ADHD: The Impact of Common Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders and Motor Proficiency


Nilay Sahan, Halime Tuna Cak Esen, Ayhan Parmaksız, Songül Atasavun Uysal


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200818114525

Methylphenidate-Induced Oculogyric Crisis in a Patient with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Case Report


Nilfer Sahin, Damla Balkan, Azat Duman


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20201002093249

Atomoxetine-Induced Mania in a 6-year-old Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Yasar Tanir, Gaye Turkmen


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20201009072139

Skin Picking Impact Scale: Reliability and Validity Study of Turkish Version


Julide Guler Kenar, Efruz Pirdogan Aydin, Derya Adalı Aker, Ilknur Kıvanc Altunay, Omer Akil Ozer


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20200906091647

Evaluation of The Psychiatric Research Output From Turkey Via Web Of Science Database: A Bibliometric Analysis


Zehra Topal, Ilhan Bahsi, Ali Evren Tufan


DOI: 10.5455/PCP.20201117083927